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   What is your body dying to say? The human body is a very powerful instrument and can take years of the

   cruelest punishment. But one day it reaches its capacity for being loaded down with useless foods, chemicals
   and pollution. Usually it is only after disease strikes that people start to treat their bodies better. This book can
   help you avoid symptoms before disease sets in.
   If you are tired or just not feeling well your body may be trying to tell you something. "The Pollution Inside You" 

   outlines what is bad for your body from toxins in the home to the environment and what is really bad in food. It
   gives you some of the symptoms of toxicity and provides a program for ridding the body of these disease
   promoting conditions.
   Raw Food recipes are included in addition to do it yourself home recipes for purchasing eco-friendly products

   and even plants that absorb indoor toxins. The author is a highly respected practitioner in both alternative and
   allopathic medicines.

   Body purification has been a part of mankind's rituals for health and well-being for thousands of years. Cleansing

   is a rich tradition that has helped humans through all ages and cultures. It is the foundation of every great healing
   philosophy. Rhonda Donahue answers your questions about cleansing. I highly recommend every one to read this
   book. --Dr. Howard Peiper, Kiss Your Life Hello radio show
   Rhonda Donahue is very knowledgeable in the field of nutrition. As a health care provider I frequently seek her

   advice and recommendations on health questions I have regarding my patients. This book is full of impressive
   evidence and research regarding toxins and the damage they cause to the body. This is a must read for all patients,
   nutritionists and all health conscious professionals. --Dr. Robert Swain, D.C.


New Zealand's Natural health Remedy-  Harnessing the Power of Green-Lipped Mussels
Nature's Anti-Inflammatory Remedy!  Safe - Potent - Effective

"Many of my patients value alternatlve therapies. Referring them to this book ed­ucates them on how important Omega-3's are. They can also learn how the green-lipped mussel is a unique natural anti-inflammatory option."
Robert Schreiman, MD, FAAFP 
"The New Zealands Natural Health Remedy shares information on how much more effective the Green-lipped mussel is over all other sources of Omega-3's. The Green-lipped mussel provides a rare marine lipid called ETA (eicosatratreanoic acid) which has been hiding in plain sight for far too long. At last the world will know that there is an effective anti-Inflammatory alternative for Omega-3s rather than the highly processed fish and flax oils that have garnered the most attention over the years. We learn how both people and animals truly need a marine lipid like ETA to ramp down the deadly effects of chronic inflammation that we see today in the human and animal population. When one learns about this new source from Green-lipped mussels in this book, it makes one wonder why anyone would ever take fish or flax oil again when this safe and natural anti-inflammatory alternative exists." 
Celeste Yarnall, PhD., Author of Natural Dog Care and Co-Author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care and Paleo Dog. 
"The New Zealand's Natural Health Remedy will open our eyes to the whole spec­trum of Omega 3's especially from Green-lipped mussel. Dr. Donahue's book contains everything we ever wanted to know about Omega 3's and much more." 
Dr. Howard Peiper, N.D. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and author of several best-selling books on nutrition. 

About the Author

  Rhonda Donahue, PhD, Author of "The Pollution Inside You" What is your body DYING to say. Rhonda               specializes in Individual Nutritional Coaching, Health Practitioner Training, Mi­croscopy, Anti-Aging and   Bio-Energetic Technol­ogy. She is respected in the Health Field both in Alternative and Allopathic Medicine and strives towards excellence and professionalism in the Health Industry. She encourages individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle In the areas of Nutrition, Emotional Health, and Physical and Spiritual Healing. She believes everyone needs to Detox, Nourish and Protect ones body every day to achieve optimal health in today's world.  Rhonda Is determined to help individ­uals gain knowledge and insight into finding ones own potential and finding balance in life and health.


Moxxor Green-lipped Mussels- Best Omega 3 Source!

The Pollution Inside You

  " In just a month I have had dramatic arthritic pain relief from taking Moxxor! I  now  wake up completely pain-free instead of with arthritic pain throughout my body. I had been taking Tylenol Pm every night before bed because I ached from the days activities. I have now stopped that daily medication and go to sleep easily and sleep deeply. Because of this new-found energy and no pain, my quality of life is so much beter, thanks! I am sold on the benefits of Moxxor and am telling all my friends, particularly those in my age group of 70+++, about Moxxor."

   - Jeanne M., CA

  " I have been taking MOXXOR for about 2 1/2 months now and prior to starting my cholesterol levels were: TC=229, Trig.+384, HDL=27 and LDL=125. Now they are are: TC=159, Trig=140, HDL=27, LDL=115. I did not change any eating habits and I do not exercise. Thank you so much for introducing this incredible product to me. I just take 2 MOXXOR capsules per day. My doctor now recommends MOXXOR to all his other patients!"

  - Ray M., CA

  "I have been taking Moxxor for 2 months, 2 a day for my psoriasis. I had dramatic results in controlling frequent flare-ups, especially when under stress. Then I went out of town for 5 days and forgot to take my Moxxor and I had a very painful flare-up. When I returned home and got back on the Moxxor it again got it under control and I have experienced no flare-ups even though my life is very stressful. Thank you for introducing me to this great product!"

   - Sean M., CA

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  Research shows the green lipped mussel oil (GLM) has an Omega-3 fatty acid known as    eicosatetraenoic (ETA) found exclusively in GLM.  ETA inhibits both the Cox and Lox inflammatory pathways.  No other single product addresses both pathways!  Thus, GLM stands alone in its ability to control leukotrienes, which initiate and spread inflammation throughout the body.

It is also:
-GMO Free
-Gluten Free
-Mercury Free
-Shellfish Protein Free
-Pesticide Free
-Excipient Free

-No Chemical Preservatives

-Sustainably Grown

-Biologically Active

-No Fishy after taste

-Cold Extraction

-Small Capsule