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This Biofeedback is an effective technique for assessing stress and wellness, using the body's own electromagnetic field to balance its energy.  When its energy is balanced, the body automatically starts to heal itself, returning the body back to health and harmony by reducing the stress that cause disease.

This advance, non-invasive technology is based on the principal of energy vibration and harmonic resonance. Each cell and atom in our body operates at a certain frequency.  Our cells and atoms network together to keep our body in harmony. Stress produces erratic vibrations that lead to disharmony, followed by injury and dis-ease.  The goal is to help reduce stress and release pain so the body starts to heal itself.

Indications in over 40 Categories

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Safe, gentle programs include:

Acupuncture, Allergies, Brain, Cell-Com, Color & Chakra, Condition Specific, Cosmetic, Dental, Detox, Homeopathy, Iridology, Mental, Emotional, Reactivity Testing, Sports & Injury, System Specific, Vitamin-Mineral-Amino Acid, and Food testing.




Colonic (colon hydrotherapy) is a safe and highly effective process to cleanse the large intestines of accumulated waste and rancid toxins. Filtered water is gently introduced into the colon softening and loosening waste to be eliminated through peristalsis (smooth muscle contractions). Colon Hydrotherapy permits other organs of elimination "skin, lungs, liver and kidneys" to function more effectively, which provides detoxification of the cells throughout the body to improve absorption and assimilation throughout the body.  


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Nutritional Consulting

We help clients identify their individual nutritional deficiencies and toxicities and make recommendations to achieve each client’s goals and needs.  By addressing nutrition, physical, emotional, chemical and environmental influences along with blood assessment we can get a full picture of one's overall health. Indications can be seen that relate to:  immune system, hormones, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heart stress, digestion, heavy metal toxicity, allergies and much more.  Call 714-863-5959 for appointment or Phone/Online consultation.




BEMER has over 15 years of intensive research into Physical Vascular Therapy and their effects on Microcirculation. By improving the flow of blood to all the cells by 30% with no side effects, your body is able to function in a more efficient manner, heal itself so that you may feel good again. BEMER helps your body function at top level that includes energy production,

mental clarity, immune system support, anti-aging and wellness.

BEMER sends a unique, very low-intensity signal (safe for babies, pacemakers, defibrillators) to the body and stimulates the rhythmic pumping action (vasomotion) of the body's tiniest blood vessels - the microcirculation. As these tiny capillaries exchange the nutrients, oxygen and metabolic waste with all the body's cells, representing about 74% of the body's entire vascular system, microcirculation is by far one of the most important factors for normal, healthy body function.


We are energy beings, created of tiny sparks of light that are formed into atoms and molecules.  As divine sparks, earth and cosmic energies infuse us with dynamic universal life essence.  Reiki (pronounced “ray Key”) is an ancient, gentle and powerful healing art that uses universal life energy for balancing and enlightenment.  Individual therapy for the body, mind and soul that is physically, emotionally and mentally balancing.  Opens Chakra’s and neutralizes negative energy.  Reiki is beneficial for stress reduction and mental clarity.


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