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Dr. Rhonda Donahue, PhD.

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As the face of Ageless Health & Nutrition Center and a member of the prestigious

Anti-aging 4 Medicine, Rhonda Donahue PhD. has dedicated her life to educating and

helping people find their potential and balance in life and health.  With a bachelor's

degree in Nutrition, a Master's degree in Metaphysical Health and PhD in Nutritional

Science, Donahue is also a Reiki Master Teacher and has spent over 30 years in

her field, guiding individuals in their journey to obtaining optimal well-being.

Having faced health challenges in her life, Donahue in turn wants to help others

overcome their own.  She believes that most are unable to reach optimal

health because of five reasons:  inflammation, free radical damage, toxins, poor immunity,

and poor circulation.

                                                                                 Located in Costa Mesa, Ageless Health & Nutrition Center is   

                                                                                 helping individuals make better choices to overcome their health obstacles.  Here, Donahue

                                                                                 and her team of specialized professionals assist patients in targeting these detriments by

                                                                                 reviewing the nutritional, physical, emotional, chemical, and environmental influences. 

                                                                                 Identifying and creating an individual plan of action is taken  by emphasizing three key

                                                                                 components: internal body cleansing, Nourishing the body and Protecting the body.

Are you not feeling well, feeling burnout or have low energy?

Millions of Americans operate regularly at below-optimal levels of health and energy, relying on artificial stimulants, mass media and sheer willpower to get through the day while juggling their demanding work and family schedules. It is no wonder that so many of us are stressed out, overweight, and battling chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes. 

Even the absence of such illnesses does not necessarily indicate wellness. Over time, a substandard diet, combined with high stress, environmental factors, and minimal exercise can take their toll on the body's systems and organs. The slow process of burnout is able to advance a long way without any outer symptoms at all, leading to cell degeneration and, eventually, disease.

We at Ageless Health & Nutrition can help you.  In addition to private consultations, Donahue holds ongoing classes and seminars on multiple topics regarding overall health with numerous appearances from influential guest speakers.

"I believe good health starts by making well-informed decisions.  That is why I aim not only to provide exceptional health services, but to also educate individuals on the choices that they never thought were tangible.  My mission is not only to help individuals pursue a healthy lifestyle, but to also help them realize the abundance of their choices and the power that they have to change their lives."

-Rhonda Donahue PhD.

Besides providing services at the Health & Nutrition Center, Donahue has also reached out to individuals through her new book The Pollution Inside You. Her book educates readers about toxicity, including its symptoms and how to avoid them. Her other book "New Zealand’s Natural Health Remedy" shares the knowledge of the power of green-lipped mussels and how they can be used as a greater substitute to conventional usages of fish derived Omega 3s. These books can be purchased on this website.